40 DAYS (Last Part) Glory to GOD!

Posted: Oktubre 13, 2009 in Good Old Days

I thank and praise God for my brother’s death is not in vain. It created love, unity, peace and forgiveness to all the people he has shared his own life.


My family and I were recovering from the sudden death and it was all God’s plan and He alone knows everything. My brother’s contract with his MAKER is finished but his life here on earth is fulfilled a mission accomplished! Soon enough we will be meeting him soon with our MAKER… in heaven.


New life, a fresh start and new hope in the LORD.

It is normal to cry, it is normal to show how much we missed him but it is normal for us Christians to hope for the LORD and trust him at all times!


There will be more 40 days to come, perhaps 40 years I wasn’t able to seee my brother for the last 6 months and I won’t see him here on earth but the great promise of of our Lord is that we will meet my brother in Heaven with our Creator. I miss you boy and I know na kaluguran da kayu ngan.


Trust our Lord and he will not fail us. Believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST and you will be save you and your household.


To GOD be all the Glory!


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