40 DAYS (Part 2) THANK YOU

Posted: Oktubre 13, 2009 in Good Old Days



During those mourning and sudden death of my brother many people gave comfort to me and my family way back home.


The youth of MWCF Church and the church members were there to comfort and be with my family during those trying times, headed by Pastora Marina. Rina, Seng, Jaimee, Joy, Tian, Just1, Just2, Potcho, Miane, Drei, Mike, Samson and the rest of the youth and Porac youth joined my family in grieving. Post from social networks like FS and FB were used to show their love for my brother as well as communicating with me. I remember, rina, jaimee, shey2 and seng2 posting messages for my brother and the so called george of the youth, Potcho.


It was overwhelming to know that there are people whom they love my brother and my family who have one way or another have a great time with him. Of course not to mention all of my cousins, aunts and uncles from both Quiambao and Austria Family, including family friends and neighbors were there to show their support and love for my family. His co-workers and other students from where he worked were there as well as former classmates. The LA-PAC Brethren who made it to comfort my mother in spite of their busy schedule. Thanks to my friend Elaine who always assists others to lead them in our house.




I would like to thank the following people who made a way for me to be comforted:

MWCF Youth

Porac Youth

MWCF Church

LA Brethren (Magalang)

Quiambao Family (bapa, dara, pinsan paunakan)

Austria Family (bapa, dara, pinsan paunakan)


Classmates, co-workers and friends of my late Bro


Family friends

K.vince and Family

Sey2 and Family

Ateng Sey


Elaine and Family

Insan Amy who always spent time chatting with me and calling with me

My mother, K.. Jeron, A,Bing and K.Jing, Lou, Tiks and my pamangkins (Ara, Momo, Aron and AJ)

To all my friends who posted their condolences through FS and FB


Sa lahat po ng nakiramay maraming salamat. I can’t name you all but I’ll make to a point that I will say my gratitude to all of you.




Sir Philip (HRM)

Sir Arnold (WCC)

Mam Susan (PTF)

Mam Les (GM)

Kong Philip (Almarai)

My co workers (staff and company mates)


Pastor Manny and Pastora Alma




Maraming maraming salamat po at sa mga hindi ko pa po nabanggit!


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