Posted: Disyembre 27, 2009 in Good Old Days
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At the age of 25 I thought I am more bearable with different changes at least, but I was wrong. I celebrated Christmas away from my family and the winter breeze here in the East makes me homesick proving that there are things which I can’t bear. My co-workers in the villa where I reside have set a Christmas Eve Party with lots of food (I miss Filipino foods and stuff) games and raffle to feel the festivity of the event. The phone calls I had with my family and friends eased my longing for them even though for just a few moments.


This Christmas is very significant and I can say very emotional one because of two reasons: 1. my first Christmas abroad, 2. first Christmas that my younger brother is not here with me and my family since he died last September 04.


I’ve met my best at Pinoy Supermarket in Al Batha Riyadh and went to a place with his co-worker and had a great time sharing thoughts, life struggles and victories and Christ.


Receiving several greetings from my friends and family way back home is such a great relief.


Did I cry this Christmas?

No. But my heart is crying about many things. I long for my family, my friends, the youth group and many more but as I realized I am not actually alone our God promised that he will send someone that will stay with us all throughout, He is Immanuel “God with us”, truly before I went to bed to call it a day, indeed My Jesus Christ is with me!

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  1. bikoy ay nagsasabing:

    thank you for the comment you left at my site. keep blogging and sharing your thoughts to the world 🙂 happy new year

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