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This entry was written forty days after my borther’s death.

40 days in the Bible is very significant or talks about special events that took place during the times of the OT and NT.sam


It is exactly 6 months and 13 days when I arrived here in Riyadh. I am full of hope (as always) and looking forward to work abroad for several reasons, one of which is to help my family, career growth and experience among others.


I am so excited because of the fact that is my first time to work abroad and to experience the so called thing “Bagong Bayani” and other words dubbed for Overseas Filipino Workers.

7:30am-5:00pm from Saturday-Tuesday and 7:30am-4:00pm (Wednesday) is the usual working hours here in the office. Coffee breaks, lunch breaks, riding the bus, taxis and going to mall are the monotonous things that I have used to observe here.

I work as an Administrative Assistant in a prestige hospital in the city (RUH) and I have at least to this date I am mastering the flow of work and I have at least dealt and still dealing with the organisms inside the  intestines of our department. It is a wonderful experience to work with other Filipinos and other races in the world.

During my “off” days (Thursdays-Fridays) I used to have chat with my family way back home. Thursday is the day which me and the youth (Rina and Jaimee) called “Chat day ni Sir” aside from the everyday e-mails with them as well as the Tuesday “on-line” day with my cousin Amy.

I miss my family a lot, I always pray for them posted on my deck is my permanent prayer list for them. I used to chat with my mother and Sam during my first few weeks here but since my younger brother has been working, it was my younger sister, Lou, my Ate Bing, my mother, my youngest brother Tiks, my pamangkins, Ara, Momo, Aron and AJ (pinakamakulit uunahan pa niya si mama ko sa mic) and sometimes our kuya Jeron is with them. That is our usual routine every Thursday unless I have something to do which our “Chat Day” will be cancelled.

I have also regular communication with my friends here and abroad as well as in the Philippines. To name a few, Bong, Elaine, K.Vince, K.Philip, K.Jeff, Manny, T.Tin, T.Joy, T.Dian are my constant virtual “kakwentuhan”. I am also very happy whenever I received text messages from my family and friends since this is the easiest mode of communication.

There are many things that happened in my life, my family’s life and others why I have decided to work here. Most of my relatives didn’t know that I was leaving then only the day of my scheduled flight they came to know it. 

 Those were the normal routines of my everyday living here aside from washing clothes, preparing meals and watching TFC.


September 03, 2009 is “Chat Day” and I and my mother as well as the youth had a great time chatting and telling each other’s stories. September 04, 2009 around 03:15am (RUH time-8:15am PH time) I received a text message from my Kuya “Sir eka mabibigla, kalmantyan mu ing sarili mu ken, ing wali tamu e Samboy pingwa na neng God.” That’s the non-monotonous thing that happened to me during my stay here.

“Nanginig ang buong kalamnan ko!” I am trying to compose myself since it is very early in the morning and it is Friday then so most of us in the camp are resting because it is still rest day then. I ran out of load. “Nanginginig parin ako that time.” I woke up my roommate and I asked if he has load and I’ve texted my brother to call me that time. Then I heard him and my mother breaking the news though our conversation that my brother died.

After that I was able to got load from my cousin as well as load from here. I was able to wash my clothes at a very early morning. I broke in tears while praying after finishing all my tasks.

It was Ramadan time in here and I filed an emergency leave at least to pay my last respect to my brother. But to no avail I wasn’t able to make it because of several reasons.

I had many sleepless nights, breaking down in tears and I can’t eat during the wake and the next two more weeks. My family and I decided things out and laid my brother to rest in a private cemetery near our place where my father also was laid to rest.

I was then trying to compose myself because I am still reporting to work while waiting for the approval of my emergency leave. Calls, texting and e-mails are my last resorts of communicating with my family and friends.

I never broke down in tears when I am talking to my mother during the wake. I never broke down in tears whenever I talk to my siblings, relatives and friends.

I broke down in tears with God. For He alone is our comforter. I broke down in tears with Jaimee I was able to catch her in net that time before she went to our house, to my cousin Amy when I had talked to her, to my Kuya Jeron as he always assures me that my family is comforted by many people surrounding us during those times, to Elaine as she is my constant confidant, to my Ate Bing, to my Bapang Bong, to Ate Mae among others.

It was nice to know that my brother is well loved by many people, his former classmates, friends, relatives and church mates.  I remember receiving an FS message from Sey2x (his friend in US) that she said to me that it was not true. Pastor Ray sent an e-mail with his condolences.

I wasn’t able to eat at all and can’t sleep at all. During the wake and the final day of the wake my brother called me during the tribute of our church mates for my brother I really broke down in tears.

Wednesday of that week my brother was laid to rest and many people mourn and accompanied him on his last plight.

I kept on working, taking pictures for our department’s website while my whole family and the rest who loved my brother were mourning.





During those mourning and sudden death of my brother many people gave comfort to me and my family way back home.

The youth of MWCF Church and the church members were there to comfort and be with my family during those trying times, headed by Pastora Marina. Rina, Seng, Jaimee, Joy, Tian, Just1, Just2, Potcho, Miane, Drei, Mike, Samson and the rest of the youth and Porac youth joined my family in grieving. Post from social networks like FS and FB were used to show their love for my brother as well as communicating with me. I remember, rina, jaimee, shey2 and seng2 posting messages for my brother and the so called george of the youth, Potcho.

It was overwhelming to know that there are people whom they love my brother and my family who have one way or another have a great time with him. Of course not to mention all of my cousins, aunts and uncles from both Quiambao and Austria Family, including family friends and neighbors were there to show their support and love for my family. His co-workers and other students from where he worked were there as well as former classmates. The LA-PAC Brethren who made it to comfort my mother in spite of their busy schedule. Thanks to my friend Elaine who always assists others to lead them in our house.




I would like to thank the following people who made a way for me to be comforted:

MWCF Youth

Porac Youth

MWCF Church

LA Brethren (Magalang)

Quiambao Family (bapa, dara, pinsan paunakan)

Austria Family (bapa, dara, pinsan paunakan)


Classmates, co-workers and friends of my late Bro


Family friends

K.vince and Family

Sey2 and Family

Ateng Sey


Elaine and Family

Insan Amy who always spent time chatting with me and calling with me

My mother, K.. Jeron, A,Bing and K.Jing, Lou, Tiks and my pamangkins (Ara, Momo, Aron and AJ)

Meneses Family

To all my friends who posted their condolences through FS and FB

Sa lahat po ng nakiramay maraming salamat. I can’t name you all but I’ll make to a point that I will say my gratitude to all of you.



Sir Philip (HRM)

Sir Arnold (WCC)

Mam Susan (PTF)

Mam Les (GM)

Kong Philip (Almarai)

My co workers (staff and company mates)


Pastor Manny and Pastora Alma

 Maraming maraming salamat po!




I thank and praise God for my brother’s death is not in vain. It created love, unity, peace and forgiveness to all the people he has shared his own life.

My family and I were recovering from the sudden death and it was all God’s plan and He alone knows everything. My brother’s contract with his MAKER is finished but his life here on earth is fulfilled a mission accomplished! Soon enough we will be meeting him soon with our MAKER… in heaven.

New life, a fresh start and new hope in the LORD.

It is normal to cry, it is normal to show how much we missed him but it is normal for us Christians to hope for the LORD and trust him at all times!

Trust our Lord and he will not fail us. Believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST and you will be save you and your household.

To GOD be all the Glory!




There will be more 40 days and 40 years will pass without my brother, but my treasured memories with him will stay in my heart as long as I live.

Jesus Christ is our redeemer and we will be all with my brother when our Lord Jesus Christ comes!


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