Tired? Take Vitamin T.

Posted: Disyembre 30, 2009 in Good Old Days
Mga kataga,

It is very interesting to note that the Bible has all the answers!

Tired? Take Vitamin T. “Like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” —Isaiah 40:31

It is very tiring week for me. We’ve moved our office from one room to another. Transferring those huge and heavy steel cabinets and filing cabinets is really laborious and tiring. At last it weekends here in the East.

I’m looking forward for our Church Thanksgiving and Celebration this coming Friday. I know it will be well attended by God’s grace. The practices, making give aways ’till 2am is satisfying and worth spending since it will be for God’s glory!

I am already tired and sleepy, 23 minutes more and kalas (finish in Arabic)! I’ll be also attending BS tonight and we will continue to toil with the giveaways for our Church Celebration.

The above verse is very encouraging and the Lord promised us with His own words that we’ll not grow weary and not faint. Our Lord wants us to focus alone to Him and everything will follow. I can testify with almost 1 week of less sleeping hours, the strength of the Lord sustains me.

God bless us all


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