2009: The Year That Was!

Posted: Enero 2, 2010 in Good Old Days
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It was really a year of random events with several emotions:

1. I resigned as a Private High School Science Teacher and was not able to finish my MAEd Biology.

2. It was the offshoot of NLM Philippines with, Lou, Joy, Rina, Jaimee and Samboy and the rest.

3. Several mishaps took place that have burdened me and the rest of the youth.

4. NLM Philippines has ceased its operations because of my personal reasons.

5. I went abroad to work.

6. On the second week of my stay abroad, I was asked to report to a very prestigious Private School in the Philippines. It was a big regret on an earlier note but I accepted already that I can’t be there to pursue the teaching field.

7. My brother died on 4th of September 2009 at the age of 23.

8. Christmas and New Year away from home.


I was able to join a pioneering group here for God’s Kingdom and I finally realized that I can’t escape my first love… to serve God!

Indeed it was a year of many events in my life and I am looking forward to year 2010 as the Lord leads!

A blessed new year!


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