Women of my LIFE!

Posted: Enero 10, 2010 in Good Old Days
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Deborah, Ruth, Esther among others were the women of faith, valor and love exemplified in the Holy Scriptures. (I’ll soon write about them) I have also my personal list of women whom I dearly love and treasure. 

amy5. Insan Amy – I consider her my bestfriend among my relatives, from my childhoood years (elementary), highschool (kahit hindi kami magkapreho ng school) college (at first pareho kami ng school) until the time na makagraduate at makapgtrabaho ako, pati nga sa pag-alis ko sa pinas andyan sya. I salute you my cousin.


elaine4. My bestfriend, Elaine – Simply she’s there and makes me feel very important and my family as well. 


joy, jaimee, rina, lou3. My youth Rina, Jaimee, Lou and Joy – they are amazing, through thick and thin, ups and downs, we are the pioneers for NLM Philippines and we will be stay connected for the rest of our lives.


ara and momo

2. My Ate Bing (I don’t have picture with her, I’ll find one) and my nieces (Ara and Momo) – who sees to it that everything and anything in our family is ok.



My mother with lou adn samboy1. My loving mother, Veron – I just miss her, I love her and she is the best mother in the whole world.



See! They are all pretty, loving adn caring, most of all they are my gifts from our good Lord! I love you all!

😦 teary eyed!


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