Meekness Is Not A Weakness

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Pansarili
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Condensed from my Missions Course (2008)

What is our responsibility and attitude towards all government?

Exercise your right to vote but once leaders are elected to office, support them as unto the Lord. Remember that He has allowed or chosen them to gain office.

Since there is no authority except from God, including all communist, despotic or repressive governments, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God, we are enjoined to be subject to the governing authorities, submitting to man’s ordinances for the Lord’s sake.

As we contemplate the difficult-to-comprehend situation that this appointment may include despotic governments that persecute God’s people and repress the growth of the gospel, we can know that we are given a role in making change. We are admonished to intercede and pray for all who are in authority in order that we may lead peaceable lives.

Such fervent prayer will be effective and avail much and can result in breakthrough in those countries with repressive governments. The reason for our submission to all governments is for the Lord’s sake, and this is the will of God. As in all of our responses, we are to do all to the glory of God.

Prayer for the welfare of government and all in authority should come from those who are righteous and upright. When it goes well for these citizens, the city benefits and rejoices. They are the ones who can bless the city, state or national governments.

What a privilege and responsibility we have in determining the outcome of elections by praying the will of God into place. Otherwise, without our prayers, it is possible for the will of God to be delayed, as in the case of the Israelites’ 40-year detour in the wilderness.

                                                                                        R. S. P.

Note from Pong:

Meakness is not a weakness. It is like a stallion that surrenders to his rider. (Should you have any questions for the Biblical excerpts kindly notify me. Thank You!)

  1. Len says:

    base! basa mode muna.. 🙂

  2. Len says:

    Si Papa God lang ang nakakaalam lahat. God Bless.

  3. teentoinks says:

    Collective efforts, let us do our part. We should be optimistic, we should celebrate what brings us together instead of divide us. God Bless the Philippines.

    • themizpah says:

      Salamat teentoinks. Tama ka unless we move nothing will take place. God uses us for his will to take place. The only question is are we willing to do it. If not, he will ask someone to do it for us to fulfill His will. God bless po.

  4. Amen Mizpah. At gusto ko ang sinabi mo na :
    —“without our prayers, it is possible for the will of God to be delayed,”
    Tunay na applicable ito sa lahat ng bagay sa buhay ng tao.

  5. ysae says:

    Everyone who ends up with a position, whether they cheated, bribed or got elected is still under the sovereignty of God. God has a purpose for them to be there. And as such we also have a purpose why we’re not there too. If things will change it’s not because people have position but they are willing to serve.

    Those who serve yield the power to change this nation – main point from a sermon.

    • themizpah says:

      Thanks bro for adding more sense to this post. It is indeed submitting to God’s will. As well as the willingness to accept defeat and serve again regardless of position. I agree with you that God has established who will be there and will be not but it doesn’t mean we don’t have part. We have roles to play to fulfill His purpose and mission. If we are not ready to do what He wants us to do, then, He will ask someone to do it for us. Because God’s will shall take place no matter what.

      Salamat bro.

      Be blessed.

      • ysae says:

        sabay lang sa agos ng dios, at di ng mundo. malaki talaga ang bahagi natin bilang mamayan at di mga opisyal ng ating bayan. ang laki ng magagawa natin.

        sabi nila, “all it takes for evil to succeed is for the good men to keep silent.” silence in fear is different from being silent with words and allowing love and kindness speak for us. when we choose how to respond to our situation be it personal or national, we shape our destiny. more importantly, God’s destiny for us is taking shape. I’m going the see that destiny one day

  6. J. Kulisap says:

    Marami ang mga humiling para sa nangyaring ito, at nakita naman ang pagpapala hindi ba?

    • themizpah says:

      Oo naman kuya.

      Kapag may takot sa Diyos ang namumuno at madaming nananalangin para sa pinuno ay tiyak ang pagpapala. Sa history ng Bible even sa world history, blessed ang madaming bansa kasi the Lord saw favor on their leaders. Mangyayari ito sa ating bansa kuya.

      Mabuhay ka kuya!

  7. neckromancer says:

    Since power corrupts, matamang suriin dapat natin ang mga kandidato sa kanilang eagerness na maging lider. Let us now test the hypothesis that the best leadership is given.

  8. Sphere says:

    Lagi namang may plan si God para satin basta ang alam ko hindi nya tayo pababayaan sa mga mapagsamantalang kamay 🙂

    Whaaaa English pala ang post mo!!! level up kana Pong:-)

    • themizpah says:

      Ang galing ng sinabi mo, hindi niya tayo pababayaan sa mga mapagsamantalang kamay. Tama iyon!

      Ingles ba, ehehehehe
      Parang on line games lang Level up, ehehehe

      Salamat at mabuti na ang iyong pakiramdam ms. sphere. bcak to work ka na next week niyan.

      • Sphere says:

        ahahaha hindi kc ako magaling sa English kala ko gagaling ako magenglish pag nakalabas ako ng Pinas pero lalong nagulo ang English ko dahil sa mga ksamahan ko mga puti nga sila pero walang grammar grammar basta salita lng hahahaha

        • themizpah says:

          oo pagdating sa ibang bansa minsan hindi din nahahasa ang English kasi kapag hindi marunong ang kausap mo na ibang lahi kailangan mong i-chop-chop o i-english carabao para maintindihan nila.

  9. Mark says:

    God has great plans sa Pilipinas. As long as we christians do our part in fervently praying for change we will succeed just as Gandhi did he just kept silent and prayed.

    • themizpah says:

      Amen sir Mark. Ako din po naniniwala na may iniligay ang Panginoon sa government at sa ibat-ibang sangay ng lipunan. At merong kanya-kanyang role na dapat gampanan. For us, our battle is prayer!

      Salamat po. God bless!

  10. runmdrun says:

    alam ko ito! nakapanood na ako ng video about this…

    I always thought of myself as meek… as in very introverted… pero nunng napanood ko yung video about this, i understood that meekness is having tremendous amount of strength but under control!

    • themizpah says:

      Tama ka kuya MD, yun ang lesson namin sa BS last week. The stallion strength should be surrendered to his rider. Ako din dati akala ko simple as humble, selfless, setting aside my personal desire, others first before myself at being low profiled, mali pala ako.

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