On Church, Damaso and RH Bill

Posted: Oktubre 5, 2010 in Personal

Alam ng nakararami kung sino si Padre Damaso sa nobelang Noli Me Tangere (Dr. J.P. Rizal) at ang nilalaman ng Fray Botod (G.L. Jaena). Hindi rin lingid sa kaalaman ng bawat isa na maraming relihiyon, sekta, denominasyon o grupo ang naglalayong mapagtibay ang paniniwala at pananampalataya hindi lang sa Pilipinas maging sa buong mundo. At higit sa lahat, alam natin (halos) na lumulobo ang populasyon ng Pilipinas at malaking usapin (para sa iilan) ang Reproductive Health Bill at Sex Education.

I don’t practice religion.

By default I was born Catholic; going to church on Sundays religiously and became part of Commentators-Lectors. I studied at Catholic University in high school and part of it is doing stuffs as Catholic voluntarily and wholeheartedly. While into it, I attended/taught several DVBS every summer in a Christian church (non-catholic) and on my tertiary years Bible Studies set foot in our house by local pastors (Born Again Christians) when Dada got sick.

My faith/church orientation is mixed up from the beginning.

Come 2nd year college I joined a community/campus based ministry – the start of my journey to know more about what I believe, whom I worship and the purpose why I was part of millions and millions competing for oxygen in the atmosphere to survive.

The foundations were laid down and the only basis is the Bible (the faith I practice, believing these are infallible words of God). No more, no less. I bade good-bye to campus ministry packed with all the core values imparted by my mentors and the wisdom inculcated by God.

I taught in a Christian School for almost three years and served at a local church (BAC) in our community. Chanced upon with a mission teacher and enrolled. The catch is I was tagged/labeled as “cult” for the reason of joining missions and the teacher whom I’m working with has SDA background. Affected by the rumors (my family) I tendered my resignation four months before the end of the academic year (a soundless brawl) and finished the course. Intensity arose; friction almost killed my mother due to the circulation of word “cult” in our community and my relatives became furious to the church that spread it. I was asked by my mentors to go back to my home-base (campus ministry) to at least recover from such tragedy. I insisted not to (matigas kasi ulo ko).

I don’t practice religion.

The Central Dogma has been broken from the early stage of church, man-made church.

ASAL (Ang Sa Akin Lang)

  1. No single/particular religion will save mankind. The only way is Christ. (Jn 14)
  2. Salvation is between God and us (me and you) not the church.
  3. Church by definition is a structure. The gathering of the “saints” / people who come to worship the Living God is the church.
  4. Excommunication is condemnation. The church is not for condemnation or elimination (Mt. 18). He came to seek and saved the lost; the poor and the sick. We are all sick that’s the reality.
  5. The immoral and heretic (basis of excommunication) as reflected on the books of Gospels (woman caught in adultery) Galatians (causes division in the church) and Corinthians (man on illicit affairs) all called for repentance and forgiveness. He alone can forgive not the church. It’s a day by day walk.

On RH Bill

Based on what I’ve read the premises of the bill calls nothing to be worried about. It’s the state duty to at least deliver the Philippines from over population by giving choices and options. Again, choices, options and pro-life.

On DAMASO Protest

There is a proper avenue to air such frustrations why the Catholic Church keeps on barring the RH Bill. He has the right to protest in any form, but then again, same as the (RH Bill) premise t-he-y are fighting for it accounts for responsibility. Not any more moral responsibility, civil responsibility. Stage a rally, dialogue or others.

On Catholic Church

It was once proven that the church has something to do with values formation, doing good deeds and acts of kindness. It was long overdue and established that you have say on what is happening within and outside the Philippines that concerned morality and righteousness. I think the government is not in one way or another excommunicating you from participating and voicing your side. I think you have enough powers to use all your means (pulpit, rally, call for prayer, etc.) and other platforms (responsible parenthood) to educate how to live a pure life as a human being and the people are willing to follow and listen. Let them do their job and mind yours and we’ll mind ours. Case closed.

On Goverment

As simple as eating. You eat because you’re hungry and you want to satisfy the call of stomach. If the table is full of mouths but food-less then it won’t satisfy. Act as the people mandated you to satisfy at least the temporal need of hunger and everything will follow. I think we’re hungrier than before.

I don’t practice religion and denomination.

Last Thursday night (overnight prayer meeting), I was asked to deliver John 3:16 in an exhortation form. Everyone knows this verse in the Philippines per se.

It is the miniature gospel of our Lord, God’s love letter and the heart of the Bible. It says it all. A LIFE for a Life; forgive because we are forgiven and not forsaken, begotten but forsaken and forgotten, a love that surpassed all because he loves us so, keyword “so”. Let’s put it in this way (now I am preaching). The Lord loves all races and colors; murderers not murder, adulterer not adultery, liar not lie, robber not robbery. He waited long before and kept on waiting ‘till now PATIENTLY: No exclusion, No condemnation and No excommunication. His love is uninfluenced and that’s what He wants the church and people to know. And He is the only one who can cleanse us from all unrighteousness: No priest, pastor, elder, no one, only Him.

That’s why I don’t practice religion and denomination.

There is no salvation on/in religion. Earn the right to preach Christ for sure they’ll follow.

Madalang na lang ang mga pamahalaang bayan (munisipiyo – kapitolyo) na kadikit ang simbahan (by location) sa Pilipinas. Marahil, natuto na ang mga Pilipino noon. Magpapatali pa ba tayo ngayon? Kinikilala ng Panginoon ang pamahalaan at ang mga opisyal nito maging ang mga institusyon na nagpapalganap ng kanyang katuruan. Naniniwala ako na ang anumang desisyonng gagawin ng pamahalaan ay may kaakibat na pananagutan hindi lang sa mamamayang Pilipino pati na rin sa Kanya na nagbigay ng buhay para sa bayan at sanlibutan.


Ito po ay aking personal na opinyon at walang intensyon na sumira o tumuligsa ng isang indibidwal o institusyon.


Kung pinaniniwalaan ang Bibliya bilang mga Salita ng Diyos. Take time to read and digest. Spoon feeding is obsolete even in the field of teaching.









Mga Puna
  1. -=cuteberl=- ay nagsasabing:


  2. J. Kulisap ay nagsasabing:

    Mga ilang segundong nakatitig ako sa monitor.

    Sinabi mo na. Suportahan taka Dong.

    Basta ako, kung pwedeng iwasan ang pagkalam, bakit ka pa magdadagdag. Masakit sa bangs ‘iyan.

    Pro-life ako. Kasama dito ang pagbibigay ng tamang pangangailan ng may buhay lalo na ang pangunahing pangangailangan.

    Nais kong mapalago ang aking buhay sa pamamagitan ng pag-unawa sa lahat ng hindi malinaw sa akin. Bigyan ako ng pagkakataon.

  3. Sphere ay nagsasabing:


    hindi ko alam sasabihin ko d2 censya na muna 😦

    pahingi na lng muna fruit juice 🙂

  4. WP ay nagsasabing:

    Wala din akong masabi akalain mo yun ahihihihi. Ah basta suportado kita Pongkie sa lahat ng ipinaglalaban mo. Hindi rin ako sang ayon sa position ng mga prayle sa RH Bill na iyan.

  5. Mental Climax ay nagsasabing:

    Only Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father but by Him. (John 14:6)

    So much for the pathetic outbursts of the Church, if that is what they want to call themselves.

  6. katrinadanieles ay nagsasabing:

    Ang sa akin lang(kat’s version)
    1.Nainiwala akong hindi tayo maliligtas ng anumang relihiyon,ng anumang simbahan, o ng anumang magandang gawain.. dahil ang tanging tagapagligtas lang ay si Kristo. 🙂

    It is by grace that we have been saved through faith, and that not of ourselves, it is the gift of God,and not a result of works that no one should boast. Ephesians 2:8-9

    2. Naniniwala akong walang excommunicaion mula sa simbahan ang makakapaghiwalay sa atin sa pagmamahal ni Krsito.

    For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,

    Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38-39

    yun lang..bow. 🙂

    meron pa pala, naniniwala rin akong ang simbahan ay may responsbilidad na turuan ang mga taong gumawa ng maabuting desisyon, at ang tinuturo nila ay nagmula lang dapat sa bibliya.. at higit sa lahat, dapat iniintindi ang bibliya ng mabuti upang maiwasan ang hindi pagkakaintindihan lalo na sa paniniwala. at responsibilidad din ng gobyerno ang mapangalagaan ang mamamayan kaya mas mabbuti rin yung may ginagawa silng mga regulation kesa wala p wlaang kwenta. 🙂 I support Rh bill.heheh

  7. -=cuteberl=- ay nagsasabing:

    Wala akong masbi. basta sakin lang kahit madami ang anak mo dapat alam mo ang responsibilidad mo bilang magulang….

    Sa usapang spiritual naman… Minsan tama ang iba may kanya kanya tayong paniniwala kung paano tayo magseserve kay GOD. tama din si Kat na di sa church yan kundi sa sarili mo kasi ikaw mismo ang simbahan ng Diyos.

  8. kayedee ay nagsasabing:

    ang haba! english!

    elow nalang kuya! ehehe!!

  9. Jag ay nagsasabing:

    Ito pala yung binanggit mo sken hehehe…tama ka walang relihiyon ang mkakapagligtas sa sangkatauhan…It’s in the relationship between God and Us…wala ng iba…pero sadyang mkikitid ang utak ng mga tao minsan…hinuhusgahan ka sa kung ano ang iyong paniniwala sa buhay tsk tsk tsk…

  10. Vajarl ay nagsasabing:

    Patest nga dito kung dederecho ren sa Spam.

  11. projectkino ay nagsasabing:

    The church will always mess up our society pag sila ang nagpatakbo nito.And here’s why: (If I may repost an excerpt from my blog)

    “Marami talagang adik sa denial. Sana may ibang gamot dito bukod sa pagtanggap. Sana matapos na ang pakikialam ng simbahan sa kung paano dapat patakbuhin ang lipunan. Masyadong universalistic ang paniniwala ng simbahan at di marunong sumabay sa takbo ng panahon. Besides, ano bang karapatan ng simbahan na makisawsaw sa gobyerno e hindi nga sila nagbabayad ng tax? In an ideal world, kung may hahabulin ang BIR, simbahan ang dapat unahin nila.”


  12. drake ay nagsasabing:

    medyo sumakit ang ulo ko dun!okay ikaw na!whahaha

    Masyado kang highblood blood, siguro kamag-anak mo si Celdran?wahahhaha

    Napapa-english ka tuloy dyan!heheh

    ingat pre

  13. glentot ay nagsasabing:

    Whew that was deep. Kakagaling ko lang sa kung saan-saang kalokohang blogs at napadpad ako dito at nashock ako sa kaseryosohan ng topic hehe. I agree with you especially when you said the church shouldn’t be worried about the bill.

    I don’t know, I’m too immature to have a say on this, but if the Church opposes the bill, it supports the need for us humans to fluorish. Last time I checked, we’re not extinct yet.

  14. jason ay nagsasabing:

    nasa disiplina nga naman ng tao kasi… yung simbahan kasi ano ayun.. di ko alam sa kanila bakit sila ganon mag isip. parang di nila lawakan pang-unawa nila.

    porke daw nagcocondom ay nagsasayang na ng buhay dahil sa bawat putok mula kay adan ay hindi naipapasok kay eba.

    mabuti ng magcondom kesa abortion diba

    and kapag sandosena na anak mo, edi maghihirap kang buhayin sila lalo na kung wala kang kaya sa buhay. kaya kelangan talaga ano.. ayun. hehe

  15. tacio ay nagsasabing:

    ako po ay isa sa mga naniniwala na dapat hindi nakikialam ang simbahan sa mga usapin tungkol sa pagpapasa ng mga batas. siguro, ang gawin nalang nila, gawin ang trabaho sa simbahan at bahala na yong mga manaampalataya nila kung sasang-ayon ba sila o hindi sa rh bill na yan.

    sa akin, kung hindi kayang buhayin ng maayos (bihisan, pakainin at pag-aralin) ang mga anak, isa itong kremen.

    ayaw ko nang magpaliwanag pa. gusto ko lang sabihin: i support RH bill.

  16. Will ay nagsasabing:

    Tacio: lol, ako rin, ayoko na ring magpaliwanag dahil baka kung anu-ano na lang ang lumabas sa bibig ko.

    I, too, don’t practice religion, but that is not the sole reason why I support the RH Bill. It’s about time that this country is run by the Government.

  17. Mineas ay nagsasabing:

    “Naniniwala ako na ang anumang desisyonng gagawin ng pamahalaan ay may kaakibat na pananagutan hindi lang sa mamamayang Pilipino pati na rin sa Kanya na nagbigay ng buhay para sa bayan at sanlibutan.”

    Amen ako dito Sir Pong… pede ko bang i link sa fb tong page mo?… tsk ganda eh…

    Anyway, naniniwala pa rin akong merong relihiyon (ASAL din hehehe.)

    “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” – James 1:27

    At kung kikilingan natin ang mga bagay na hindi mabebenefit ang mga widows, at orphans ng lipunan (tulad ng “ipagbawal ang kapote-drive”) … asan ang “mabuting” relihiyon dun?

    pause. buti na lang, hindi ako presidente. hahaha!!! dahil kung ako ang presidente, ipapaalala ko sa mga tao na, “Ang bawat isa ay dapat magpasakop sa nakakataas na kapamahalaan sapagkat walang kapamahalaan maliban doon sa nagmula ng Diyos. Ang mga kapamahalaang iyon ay itinakda ng Diyos.” – Rom 13:1†

    hahaha… “animsé?… ako ba to?..” hahaha!!! anu ba yan?.. violet ulit!

  18. shea ay nagsasabing:

    “spoon feeding is obsolete even in the field of teaching.”


    pag religion ang pinaguusapan di ako nakikipag debate. basta respeto na lang sa kung anong pinaniniwalaan ng bawat isa.

    di rin naman ako relihiyosa… pero iba pag may personal God ka…

  19. Rico ay nagsasabing:

    I like your post,,
    Parang pandesal na puno ng palaman,,,
    Erehe ako sa aking palagay,,
    Feeling ko sa pangyayarin ito, nagiging anti church na ako!

  20. hitokirihoshi ay nagsasabing:

    okay here’s my ASAL
    – i respect Catholic Church kung ano ang ipinaglalaban at pinaniwalaan nito.
    -at hindi tamang dahil sa isang aspeto ng di nagustuhan dito ay i-label na buong simbahan na kampon ni Padre Damaso. Maraming pare ang may malawak na pag-iisip.
    -pero kailangan din i-respecto na ang church at state ay hindi iisa para mamuno sa Pilipinas.
    -hindi lahat ng Pilipino ay Catholic so bigyan ng choice ang ibang Pinoy
    -i think ang pagse-sex (maliban sa rape) labas sa kasal ay nasa moral conviction na ng tao. kung ang isang tao ay natamnan ng magandang aral at pagpapalaki ng magulang. sa sarili na niya ang pagpipigil.
    -hindi tayo mayaman at may uunting populasyon gaya halimbawa ng Japan. kailangan kumilios na
    -ang isa bang pagkakamali ay dudugtungan pa ng mas malaking pagkakamali. ano ang ipapakain mo sa isang bata na lumabas sa mundo na hindi handa ang kanyang mga magulang para buhayin siya.
    -at para sa mga makakati, maging responsable dapat. mangangati pero hindi naman pala kayang bumuhay ng bata.

  21. ideaelectra ay nagsasabing:

    isa ito sa mga pinag-uuspan namin ng mga katrabaho ko nung isang isang araw. Sa pag uusap namin, narealize ko na sobrang blessed pala talaga natin ngayon kasi, ngayon ang bible ay accessible na lahat kaya everybody has the equal opportunity and chance to know the truth through God’s word. Kasi kung susuriin natin sa noli at el fili, sobrang big deal talaga sa kanila ang excommunication ng catholic church and even si Rizal na sumulat nito ay nagkaron din ng issue ng excommunication. Hindi kasi lahat may access sa bible noon kaya kung anu ang sabihin ng mga religious leaders ay yun na ang akala nila totoo..

  22. yuuki-chan ay nagsasabing:

    The Church, in all her glory, is not infallible. History is her backbone, humans her faithful but imperfect messengers. The same can be said for the government.

    God gave us the lantern of reason and judgment. Use it.

    Pro-life does not mean anti-government. Really, it’s all a matter of perspective.

    God shall show the way. 🙂

  23. Super Balentong ay nagsasabing:

    tama ka, walang sino man ang maisasalba ng relihiyon! kumain dapat lahat ng dinuguan na may kasamang puto, masarap yun. loljk.

  24. Vajarl ay nagsasabing:

    I don’t believe in salvation because I don’t believe there is something after we live our lives waiting for us that requires us to be saved.

    I don’t believe that the church has anything to do with how this country should be run. The church for me was successful, in terms of spreading the ‘belief’, because us people naturally seek answers to things that are impossible to answer. Where we came from, who created us, all those things. The Bible provided answers, supposed ‘creation’ of the world and mankind. A lot of people bought it. I didn’t. A lot of people did not. I refuse to base my actions from this point on based on a book that is loosely interpreted.

    I generally don’t have problem with the church. The problem comes though when these ‘church people’ get in the way. I’m sorry, but the bill, I believe, is none of the church’s business.

    We are living in a third world country. Our government has the responsibility to make our lives tolerable. This church cannot prevent people from having sex. This church cannot preach their way into our people’s head to be reminded of ‘the holy word’ while having sex. Don’t tell us what’s ‘sacred’. You’re not achieving anything. Anything worthwhile at least.

    I am talking to the Church, not to you Pongkers.

    And I’m sorry. This is how I see it.

  25. Mental Climax ay nagsasabing:

    God will always be there.

  26. Daniel P. Yuson Jr ay nagsasabing:

    @ Pong..!
    na get ko na..!
    sa pamamagitan nang…
    pag babasa nitong post na ito..,
    maraming katanungan…
    ang nasagot sa…
    aking isipan..!
    babalik ako para sa…
    mas malalimang komentaryo..! 😉

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