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Condensed from my Missions Course (2008).

Why did Jesus cry “It is finished”?

The gospels record 7 last words or statements that Jesus uttered from the cross. The last one was a commitment of his spirit to his Father just before he died. But preceding that was a loud and triumphant cry, “It is finished.”

What was finished?

Jesus lived a sinless life, resisting and overcoming all of the enemy’s temptations, and presented a perfect, spotless sacrifice on the cross to pay for mankind’s sins. By atoning for our sins, Jesus brought us back into right standing with the Father as though we had never sinned. It was for this purpose that Jesus came and lived a sinless life in perfect obedience to his Father’s will. It was in exultant triumph that he declared the conflict won.

The enemy had lost.

The work of redemption was complete. (The tense of the original language means that this act of completion was done once and for all time and its results would abide continuously.)

The work was finished.

The victory was obtained.

And we are the beneficiary of that victory.


John 19:30

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.

May the redeeming blood of our Lord Jesus Christ shines in victory in us!

Condensed from my Missions Course (2008).

What was the eye of the needle?

In the United States, some homes have a small opening in the bottom of their back doors with a swinging cover, to allow house pets easy access and exit. In Israel today, some homes have a similar door within a door but much larger than those in the United States. They take up the lower half of the door. Tour guides like to point them out as the “eye of the needle” that Jesus referred to.

If so, the hyperbole is still preserved as a device which Jesus effectively used to drive home his point, but a fresh application is revealed. In such a large eye of the needle, it is still possible for a camel to go through but it would first have to be divested of any load on its back, and it must get down on its knees. Even then, it would be with extreme difficulty to have it pass through this opening.


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