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Condensed from my Missions Course (2008).

Why were the wise men “late” in arriving to celebrate Jesus birth?

The wise men were students of the stars who had observed a heavenly phenomenon (a star in the East) which they interpreted as a sign of the birth of the King of the Jews. So they traveled from their home in Persia to Jerusalem in search of the babe, sleeping by day and traveling by night, the better to follow the bright star that led them.

Their query “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews?” so unsettled King Herod that he vowed to eliminate this pretender to the throne. He inquired of the chief priests and scribes where Christ was to be born and they quoted the prophecy that identified Bethlehem. Next he had to determine how old the child was, and to do this he asked the wise men how long it had been since they had first seen the star.

Finally he had to find out where this babe was, so Herod persuaded the wise men to bring him a report so that he too could “worship” the new king. The star that had guided them into Jerusalem but disappeared from the night sky now reappeared to lead the wise men and stood over where the young child was. Notice that Jesus was no longer a babe but a child, and neither was he any longer in a manger. The bible narrative says that the wise men came into the house where the child and his mother were. Jesus’ parents had moved into a house from the animal stall where Jesus had been born.

This new address was what Herod eagerly desired from the wise men’s reports he had prevailed upon them to give him. But God warned the wise men in a dream not to return to Herod and so they returned to their country another way.

Traveling from a far-off country took over a year and so the wise men in our timeline appear to be late as our understanding goes. They don’t seem to historically and accurately belong in a crèche or nativity tableau. But no one is really ever late to come to Jesus. So the wise men rejoiced greatly to have been able to see the child Jesus and they went home rejoicing. Their interpretation of the stars, very likely a divine gift with some insight from a prophet named Balaam, had led them on a joyous journey to worship.


Numbers 24:17; Micah 5:2; and Matthew 2:1-12.

Blessed weekend to all!

Jesus: Araw Ni Tatay II (Repost)

Posted: Disyembre 25, 2010 in Personal
Mga kataga,

Imposibleng mabasa ni Jesus ito. Malimit kaming magkwentuhan ni Jesus noon ngunit hindi sa halos siyam na taon.

Nang iwanan kami ni Jesus ay bumabagyo. Buwan ng Hulyo iyon at kasagsagan ng mga bagyong pumapasok sa Pilipinas. Linggo, araw ng pananambahan. Pagkatapos kong ikabisa ang Periodic Table of Elements bilang paghahanda sa pagsusulit namin kinabukasan para sa Inorganic Chemistry ay tumuloy ako sa silid ni Jesus. Isinara ko ang pintuan para hindi siya magambala sa kanyang pagpapahinga. Siya namang sabay na pagpasok ni Nanay at ni Kuya sa silid para magpaalam dahil paluwas si Kuya sa Maynila. Isang sigaw ang lumukob sa buong bahay mula sa garalgal na tinig ni Nanay. Dali-dali naming isinugod ni Kuya si Jesus sa pinakamalapit na pagamutan. ‘Yon na ang huling tagpo na nakasama namin si  Jesus na may init na dumadaloy sa kanyang katawan. Ang mga sumunod na tagpo ay mga maliliwanag na ilaw, paroo’t-parito na mga kaibigan, kamag-anak at kapit-bahay.

Madaming sana ang dumaan din sa buhay ko at ng aking pamilya sa pagkawala ni Jesus.

  1. Nagmartsa sana si Jesus kasama ni Nanay noong graduation.
  2. Nagsabit sana ng mga medalya si Jesus bilang saksi sa hirap at pagod sa aking pag-aaral.
  3. Natalo sana ni Pong si Jesus sa chess kahit minsan lang.
  4. Kasama sana si Jesus sa paghahatid sa akin sa dambana para sa aking magiging asawa sa susunod na tatlong taon.

My father left us when I was in first year college. Like any other father he was never a perfect father to us. He left us with pains and hardships. He had another three families. We have other siblings. My father played important role on my twenty-six years of existence and beyond. In spite of his imperfections he has loved us the best way a father knows.

I (my family) have no father right now but I/we have a heavenly Father and that defines it all.

Isang Mapagpalang Araw Ng Mga Haligi ng Tahanan sa lahat ng mga Tatay, umaako sa papel ng isang Tatay at sa mga magiging Tatay!

Try to imagine celebrating the first Christmas without a father whose birth date is Christmas Day.

Nawala man si Jesus ay may isang JESUS namang hindi mawawala magpakailanman sa buhay namin.

Jesus De Leon Quiambao
December 25, 1954
July 21, 2002
Originally posted on Father’s Day and reposted on July 21, 2010.