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By Israel Tarlit

Every year thousands of people will walk towards Manaoag, Pangasinan for the annual pilgrimage. These people will walk very early in the morning and walk many miles under the blistering summer heat just to reach their destination. They walk in groups that would somehow ease their weariness.

Every year we would see them walk and just pass by. But last year we’ve had enough of watching them pass by, we did something different. PASA LOVE was still in the early stages at that time and we simply grab any opportunity that would allow us to serve. It was Jonathan, one of the pastors in the church who suggested that we serve coffee and cold drinks.

We’re doing it again this year only this time bigger. We’re going to cook 4 large pots of arrozcaldo that could serve 800 people. There would still be the brewed coffee. The cold water will always be there since these pilgrims would need to refill their water containers. We’re going to set up some tables and chairs should they want to sit and rest for a moment. And we would open our rest rooms for them.

Our ad for this PASA LOVE

Matthew 5:46-47, “If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?”

If we love the same people how can that be love? When faced with people who are different from us whether in terms of faith or politics, we’ll choose to love. After all, Jesus loved unconditionally. PASA LOVE.



If you want to be part of this event, you can help by sharing your resources. It will be used to purchase ingredients and materials to feed weary pilgrim.

You can also be part of the volunteers who would serve this pilgrims.

 For your support and donations, just email us or comment on this and we’ll give you the information you need to give your support.

Contact Person: Israel –




After Six Years

Posted: Agosto 9, 2010 in Personal
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Halos apat na taon ko siyang naging kaklase. Sampung buwan na higit pa sa magkaklase, magkabarkada at magkaibigan. Normal na ligawan at tipikal na magkasintahan. Saksi ang mga silid-aralan ng PAC-Institute of Arts and Sciences, mga propesor at kaklase.

Ang pinag-usapan namin sa YM sa itaas ay mga bagay tungkol sa aming nakaraan.

  • Ang nakagawiang pagbibigay ng bouquet of roses bawat Lunes.
  • Mga hand made cards (delivered by mail) tuwing Monthsary.
  • Yung malaking bear na binigay ko sa kanya, yung chime, mga sulat, yung song compilation na ginawa ko para sa kanya at marami pang iba.
  • Mga naging ex namin after nung relationship namin
  • Respective families and work as an OFW.
  • Love life

The best topics that we were able to talk with…

  • The no-effect-at-all Monday Roses as the relationship goes on.
  • The last card I sent was the trigger point for her to decide that we are better as friends.
  • That she was hurt when she asked me to carry her hand bag from Institute of Veterinary Medicine & Zootechniques (Where we took our Microbiology Subject) to College Library (which I carried but according to her I said something like that, “here is your bag, it’s heavy” — I contested to her that I can’t recall this event).
  • The things that made us more mature after the break-up.
  • That I was so mean whenever I do group studies with my classmates or when I preside the meeting in our org.

At the back of my mind, I am trying to ask her what the real reason of our break-up was and why she left me on the pouring rain along the pathway at IAS? And the transcript below tells the story.  

Call ended (because her roommates just got in around 12:30 am Philippine Time)

This past love of mine was resurrected because of her YM Status. Our communication is still open after college to this date. We remain friends. And she will have a special spot here in my heart and I don’t want her being hurt (even before).

Now, probably you knew the story behind my e-mail address which she created.


Nagchat ulit kami kahapon. This time, we had closure of the past.

Mahal Kita

Posted: Hunyo 2, 2010 in Pansarili
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All For Love – Hillsong

Condensed from Missions Course (2008).

Why did Jesus ask Peter “Do you love me?” three times?

            Peter had denied his Lord three times, although he had sworn that he would never even leave him. Succumbing to human nature, he failed where he had boasted he wouldn’t fail.

            But the events had changed Peter and he sorrowfully humbled himself. Jesus knew this as he could read hearts, but the disciples didn’t know yet of Peter’s transformation. So as Jesus sought to restore Peter, he asked him three times if Peter loved him.

            Just as he had denied his Lord three times, Jesus gave Peter three opportunities to confess him publicly (and be restored to his fellow disciples). He asked “Simon, do you love me?”

            There are two Greek words translated “love” in this passage – agape and phileo. The first one is unconditional love, a self-giving love that seeks the highest good of the other person without asking anything in return. The second one is a friendship love. Jesus used the agape word the first two times that he asked Peter the question, and each time, Peter answered with the phileo word.

            So the third time, Jesus used the phileo word as though to say, “Peter, if that level of love is all you’re capable of, I’m willing to meet you there.” And so Jesus asked the same question a third time in a way that Peter could answer honestly.

            (Although at the moment, phileo was all that Peter had and was capable of giving, he later received the fuller understanding of agape love from the Holy Spirit and used it several times in his epistles.)


For any questions (Bible reference for this post ), please feel free to e-mail Pong.

A blessed week-end to all!



Posted: Abril 20, 2010 in Pansarili
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Pagkatapos ng aming paghayo kagabi sa mga kapatiran sa malayong lugar ng disyerto (3 oras na biyahe balikan – tuwing Lunes) ay bumaba kami ng aking partner (sa gawain) mula sa coaster sa stop light at nagtungo sa kalapit na hyper-market. Tumingin kami ng mga electronic gadgets at namili ako ng mga tsokolate pampasalubong sa aking mga pamangkin (may magbabakasyon kasi na malapit sa bahay namin at ipapadala ko). Nagtaxi kami pauwi at nakarating kami ng bahay ng ika-sampu ng gabi. Naidlip ako ng kaunti habang ang aking partner ay nagluluto ng aming hapunan. Pagkakain ay nagsalang ako ng panoorin. Ilang beses ko ng napanood ito sa Pilipinas pero hindi ko alam kung bakit ito ang aking isinalang. Marahil ito ang itinadhana.

Narito ang buod at iba pang impormasyon mula sa Wikipedia (Ito po ay classified as Christian film na posibleng hindi pumasa sa paniniwala at panlasa ninyo, salamat):  



Captain Caleb Holt (Kirk Cameron) is a firefighter in Albany, Georgia who holds the motto “Never leave your partner behind, especially in a fire”. Meanwhile his relationship with his wife Catherine (Erin Bethea) suffers to the point that she wants a divorce.

Caleb and Catherine both complain to their respective friends about how it is the other one’s fault that their relationship is deteriorating. Among Catherine’s complaints are Caleb’s addiction to internet pornography and a large sum of money ($24,000) he has saved up for a fishing boat he intends to buy, ignoring the fact that Catherine’s disabled mother is in need of hospital equipment that she cannot afford, and which insurance refuses to cover. When Caleb tells his father, John, about the impending divorce, John challenges Caleb to commit to a 40-day test which he calls the “Love Dare”, based on Alex (the film’s director) and Stephen Kendrick’s book of the same name, which Caleb agrees to try. Initially Catherine doubts Caleb’s sincerity in his attempts to win her back due to his half-hearted attempts at completing the Love Dare, but Caleb continues with encouragement from his father and his close friend Michael (Ken Bevel), who also encourages him to become a born-again Christian.

In the meantime, Catherine begins flirting with Dr. Gavin Keller (Perry Revell) at the hospital where she works (who does not know that she is married because she is no longer wearing her wedding ring), informing him about her mother’s medical situation. Around this time, Caleb is injured while rescuing a girl in a fire and is brought to Catherine’s hospital, where a nurse inadvertently says in front of Dr. Keller that Caleb is Catherine’s husband.

As he continues his 40-day challenge, Caleb begins doing more household chores and running more errands for Catherine, and he even leaves her roses. Caleb also smashes his computer to pieces with a baseball bat in order to remove the temptation of viewing internet pornography. Nevertheless, Catherine is still intent on divorce.

Catherine later learns that the equipment needed for her mother’s medical care has been paid for in full. Assuming that it was Dr. Keller, she arranges a lunch date with him. Caleb informs Keller that he will not let him have Catherine without a fight, at which point Keller breaks off his relationship with Catherine and it is revealed that he is also married.

Caleb later finds Catherine at home sick, and decides to take care of her. At this point she asks Caleb why he has changed his behavior, and he mentions “The Love Dare”. Caleb then fully apologizes to Catharine for his past selfishness.

Days later, Catherine learns that it was Caleb, not Dr. Keller, who purchased her mother’s medical equipment. At this point she becomes convinced that his desire to change is sincere, and decides to remain in the marriage. The couple then renews their wedding vows in an outdoor ceremony, this time as a covenant with God.

Natapos akong nanood 12:30 ng madaling araw na. Hindi ako dalubhasa sa pagsusuri ng pelikula ngunit masasabi kong ang mga suliranin ng mag-asawa na ipinakita kung hindi man lahat ay siguradong may nakaranas nito. Alam ko kung gaano kasakit ang pagtaksilan dahil ang aking pamilya ay nakaranas nito (4 kasi ang pamilya ni tatay). Mabagal ang takbo ng istorya sa pagnanais marahil ng direktor na bigyan ng tamang development ang bawat karakter sa pelikula at mailahad ang mga sitwasyong (problema) pinagdadaanan ng mga may asawa. Sasabihin ko din na ang pormulang ginamit ay very common but still effective, timely and speaks reality.

Marami din sigurado ang bumatikos nito sapagkat ito ay may pinapanigang paniniwala (faith) na minsan taliwas sa paniniwala ng iba. Subalit tahasan kong sasabihin na ang mensahe ng pelikula ay napakalinaw. 

May mga linyang tumatak sa akin bago ako nagbasa ng biblia at natulog.

1. Our words speak the condition of our hearts.  

2. Fireproof doesn’t mean fire won’t come.

3. Relationship is like salt and pepper.

4. Never leave your partner behind, especially in a fire.

5. I’m sorry.

6. Loving your wife is getting to know her again, over and over again (elementary to doctorate).

7. Love is a covenant.

Bigla kong naalala ang mahal kong ina, ganoon siya katapang na harapin ang lahat: magpatawad, magpatuloy at mamuhay ng may kapayapaan at katatagan habang naglilingkod sa Diyos.

Tandang-tanda ko pa nung pinanood namin ang Facing The Giants, Fly Wheel, End of the Spear at The Climb sa Pilipinas, ganun din ako kagabi… may luha ng pasasalamat at dama ang kanyang dakilang pagmamahal. 


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HIS wrath we deserved
And love HE answered
Our lives are conserved
For HIS SON suffered